Shanghai Institute for European studies (SIES) was founded in Jan.1992 as a member of the union of Shanghai social sciences and an non-profit, academic organization devoted to research and fostering debate on international affairs, defense and security issues, politics, economy, society and other relevant issues in Europe. It is a window to China for high-class, research-based knowledge and information on Europe and the institute contributes to the international recognition of and respect for Sino Europe research.
    In its over ten years of activity, the SIES has established not only a national, but also an international reputation, as the leading center dealing with European issues in Shanghai. A policy-oriented institute, SIES functions as a think-tank and undertakes research-based consultancies for Chinese governments and private companies. The SIES has sought since its inception to bring together experts and decision-makers, diplomats and politicians, government officials and journalists, students and business people. It is a hub for European studies in Shanghai with a range of services and activities that will support the development of European studies and enhance the visibility and applications of European studies.
    The mix of milieus has been consistently maintained over the years, and is one of the reasons for the success of its initiatives and the specific results that have been achieved. Research at SIES focuses on issues of strategic importance to find comprehensive and forward looking conclusions and solutions. The dominant research themes that cut across the area are EU-China relation, EU-US relation, EU foreign policy and the integration process of EU. The research findings of the institute are either distributed as reports for restricted circles or published as special papers, books and translated books. Scholars at the institute also publish articles in major newspapers and journals and appear as commentators on television and radiobroadcast.
    The SIES is composed of a core of permanent directing and research member and draws from a wider group of research associates for specific projects. Aside from adopting a multidisciplinary approach in its work, the institute has constructed a worldwide scholarly exchange network, holding regular meetings and workshops with foreign research institutions and sending scholars to participate in international symposium and visiting scholars for advanced studies abroad. At the end of every year it hosts a large conference to review the latest international developments and the whole years’ work of SIES.

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