SIES Sponsored the 2018 Annual Conference and the Symposium on “the EU and the China-Europe Relations confronted by Multiple Challenges”
Published:2018/11/8 13:03:04

On November 3rd 2018, the 2018 Annual Conference of SIES and the Symposium on “the EU and the China-Europe Relations confronted by Multiple Challenges” was held in Fudan University. This annual conference and symposium was sponsored by the SIES and organized by the Center for European Studies of the Fudan University. Also, this annual conference and symposium was a major event of the “Academic Events Month of 2018” supported by the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations. Opening addresses were made by Prof. XU Mingqi, president of the SIES, Mr. YAO Kai, Deputy Head of the Social Sciences and Humanities Department of the Executive Administration of the Fudan University, and Mr. Liang Yuguo, Deputy Head of the Academic Associations Administration Department of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations. The All-Member Assembly of this annual conference listened to the reporting of annual work and financial conditions made by Dr. YANG Haifeng, secretary-general of the SIES, and the reporting of annual supervising work made by Dr. CAO Ziheng, supervisor of the SIES. After reporting, the SIES council examined and passed relevant resolutions on the annual work of SIES. On the symposium, scholars and experts made hot discussions and debates on the issues related to the themes of “the political and social situation and integration of Europe”, the economic situation of Europe and “the China-Europe relations”. Over 60 scholars and experts from Beijing and Shanghai took part in this conference and symposium. (Details can be found in the newsletter of Europe Observation, No. 12 issue of 2018.)


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