SIES held an Enlarged Meeting for its Academic Research Section and a Discussion Meeting for the “Report on China Policies of the EU and Its Members (2018)”
Published:2018/11/26 9:02:42

On the afternoon of November 16th 2018, the SIES held an enlarged meeting for its academic research section and a discussion meeting for the“Report on China Policies of the EU and Its Members (2018)”. This conference was also an event of the “Series of Events of the Friday Tea Parties of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations”. The participants of this meeting included: Prof. XU Mingqi, Dr. CAO Ziheng, Dr. DAI Yichen, Dr. FANG Xiao, Dr. JI Lei, Dr. LI Guanjie, Dr. LI Wenxia, Dr. LONG Jing, Prof. XIN Hua, Dr.XUE Sheng,Dr. YAN Xiaoxiao, Dr. YANG Haifeng, Dr. YAO Xu, Dr. ZANG Shumei, Prof. Zhang JiProf. ZHU Miaomiao and Dr. ZHU Yufang

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