A Study on Sino-European Interactions in International Crisis Management, Monograph by Dr. Yang Haifeng
Published:2016/11/4 13:27:11

In May, A Study on Sino-European Interaction in International Crisis Management, a monograph by Dr. Yang Haifeng who is deputy secretary general of the SIES, was published by the Shanghai People’s Publishing House. The monograph was one of the Book Series on the EU and the World and was written on the basis of the author’s doctoral dissertation.

  As major behavior bodies of the modern world, China and the EU’s cooperation, collision, contradiction and conflict will directly influence bilateral relations and even regional situation. Hence, to some extent, the situation and characteristics of Sino-European interaction in international crisis management is a reflection of the basis properties and contents of the Sino-European relations. In the modern world, global and regional unconventional crisis frequently emerges and meanwhile, the contradiction between China and Europe in economic and trade issues and values exists, which casts a huge challenge to Sino-European relations.
  The monograph studied the interaction between China and Europe in crisis management, focusing on the interests and value reasons behind interactions such as cooperation, competition and confrontation. It has been over 40 years since China and Europe formally established the diplomatic ties and Europe, for the moment, is still shrouded in the shadow of debt crisis. Under such a situation, the analysis in the monograph should have a in-depth reality meaning for the future interaction and risk management between China and Europe.

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