SIES jointly sponsored the symposium on “Symbiosis and Multilateralism: Chinese and European Thoughts for Diplomacy”
Published:2017/11/7 10:04:47

   On October 26th 2017, the symposium on Symbiosis and Multilateralism: Chinese and European Thoughts for Diplomacywas jointly held in the Shanghai Hall of Social Sciences. This symposium was jointly sponsored and organized by the Shanghai Institute for European Studies (SIES) and the Center for Studies of Chinese Diplomacy, Fudan University. It was also an important event of the 11th Specific Academic Events Month of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, and therefore received many supports from a variety of social science associations. Over 30 experts and scholars from think tanks and universities in Shanghai, as well as some media professionals, took part in this symposium actively. The participants made in-depth debates, gave honest comments, and exchanged their opinions on the topics of symbiosis and European ideasand the development of IR theories from the perceptions of symbiosis, fully reflecting the spirit of plural symbiosis. 

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