SIES Elected Its New Council and Leadership
Published:2018/3/21 9:51:16

 On the morning of March 10th of 2018, the 1st plenary session of the 6th All-Member Convention of the Shanghai Institute for European Studies (SIES) was solemnly held in the small auditorium of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. On this plenary session, SIES members listened to and examined the report on the work of the 5th SIES Council, the auditing report, the explanation on the revisions and new contents of the SIES Constitution, the report on the work for electing the new Council and Leadership of SIES, the report on the methods for electing SIES Leadership, Councilors, and Supervisors, the explanation on the methods for creating the list of candidates, and the explanation on the methods and conditions for creating the list of Chief Scrutineers and Scrutineers for election. These reports and explanations were formally passed by members’ voting through a show of hands. Then the 6th SIES Council and Supervisor were created through a secret ballot of voting by SIES members. This 6th SIES Council consists of 47 councilors and its Supervisor is Dr. CAO Ziheng. After the creation of the 6th SIES Council, the 1st plenary session of this Council was held, and the new leadership of SIES was elected by Councilors through a secret ballot. In this new leadership, the President of Shanghai Institute for European Studies (SIES) is Prof. XU Mingqi, the Vice Presidents of SIES are: Prof. DING Chun, Dr. JIANG Feng, Prof. LIU Jun, Prof. YANG Fengmin, Prof. YE Jiang, and Prof. ZHENG Chunrong, and the Secretary-General of SIES is Dr. YANG Haifeng. The Council agreed the list of appointments of SIES executive institution. Within this institution, SIES Deputy Secretaries-General are: Prof. DAI Qixiu, Prof. SHANG Yuhong, Ms. YE Yuming, and Prof. ZHANG Yinghong, SIES Director of Academic Research is Prof. XIN Hua, the SIES Advisors are: Prof. CAO Deming, Prof. FENG Shaolei, Prof. LI Lezeng, Ambassador MEI Zhaorong, Prof. PAN Guang, Mr. PAN Shiwei, Mr. WANG Xiaoshu, Prof. WU Yikang, Ambassador YANG Guoqiang, and Prof. Ludger Kühnhardt, the SIES Honorary Advisor is Dr. Ujhelyi Istvan, and the SIES Honorary President is Prof. DAI Bingran. Mr. REN Xiaowen, Full-Time Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences, took part in this plenary session and made a speech. 

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